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Summix is committed to working with local stakeholders and communities and we have engaged with them over a number of years to help develop the plans we have today.

A Vision for Harrington – Community Planning Weekend

To help shape the Vision for Harrington, we are involving local people and stakeholders in the design of the community, through what is called a ‘Charrette’ process – not just to understand the needs and aspirations of local communities, future residents and local businesses, but to co-create with local people a community that is inclusive and innovative and genuinely delivers on a collective Vision of a great place to live and work.

In bringing forward proposals for Harrington, we commit to:

  • Engaging and working collaboratively with all parts of the local community
  • Presenting the proposals clearly and honestly
  • Adopting an inclusive approach to engagement, using a variety of channels to engage with the community
  • Listening and responding to feedback at each key stage of the engagement programme
  • Being clear about what aspects of the proposals can or cannot be changed as part of the engagement programme and why
  • Ensuring the proposals deliver genuine social value for new and existing communities

Following a series of Roadshow events, the Harrington team held a Community Planning Weekend in November 2022, where people had the opportunity to share their local knowledge and creativity by participating in workshops and hands-on planning groups to consider the issues and opportunities around planning a new community and to co-create the new Vision for Harrington. The Community Planning Weekend (held on 11, 12 and 15 November) concluded with a Report Back presentation featuring a Vision for Harrington, key themes as well as an illustrative framework plan.

An online presentation of the Vision for Harrington was held on Tuesday 22nd November 2022. A recording of the presentation can be found below:

Watch the online presentation

Please see the resources page for further information and documents.