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The challenges facing Oxfordshire are big – whether it’s tackling the climate emergency, improving connectivity for rural communities or creating the jobs and working environment of the future. At the same time, as people are living longer and there has been a second ‘baby boom’, many young local families are unable to afford or even find a home – so they desperately need new homes built.

Rather than urban sprawl which continues to expand our existing towns and villages, we believe a new settlement offers a chance to do something different and much more attractive – delivering the sustainable growth and homes South Oxfordshire needs, without the need for further development surrounding historic communities, in the green belt or the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Instead of building more housing estates which lack character and ruin historic towns and villages, a new settlement offers a chance to create an attractive 21st century community with new homes and facilities that reflect the very best of Oxfordshire.

While so much development is reliant on people using the car to live and work, Harrington would offer residents a place where everything is within easy, safe and attractive walking and cycling distance – schools, GP facilities, play areas, places to work, shops to visit and so much more.

Harrington gives Oxfordshire the chance to create something truly special and forward-looking to deliver the very best for future generations.

Joint Local Plan

Focusing on new homes, infrastructure, jobs and other important considerations needed in the future, South Oxfordshire District Council is currently working with the Vale of White Horse District Council on a Joint Local Plan.

Summix, together with its expert consultant team, is bringing forward a proposed exemplar new settlement built on sustainable 21st century market town principles, which delivers on the emerging aspirations of the Joint Local Plan and meets the needs of South Oxfordshire.